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Use Tasks for To-Do Lists

You have many responsibilities, and it's essential to ensure nothing on your to-do list slips through the cracks. Use tasks to create, track, and organize to-do items to stay on top of everything you need to get done!

Create a Task

Select Add task to create a new task.


The Add task modal opens in the toolbar. Enter the details of your task.

  1. Add a task title that encompasses what needs to be done.

  2. Add a description for the task, using the formatting tools to emphasize anything specific about the task, including bulleted lists and hyperlinks.

  3. Choose the list the task belongs to.

  4. If collaborators are on the list, you can select one of them as the task's assignee.

  5. Set or remove the due date for the task.

  6. If a task should occur more than once, set the frequency to make it a repeating task.

Select Create task when you've completed the task details.


You can also add tasks by selecting the clipboard icon in the toolbar of any product page. From the dropdown menu, choose the list you're creating a task within and select Add task.


Manage a Task

If you need to update a task, create a new task based on an existing one, or delete a task from your list, select the three dots on the right of your task.  

  1. Edit a task's details.

  2. Duplicate a task to create a new task with the same details. The new task can be edited or added to a different task list.

  3. Remove a task.


Removed tasks cannot be recovered.

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