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New: Task list templates

From classes to events to pastoral care and everything in between, do you find yourself doing the same list of tasks again and again… and again?

When it’s a one-off task that has to be done again next week, you can simply duplicate it — so you don’t forget to follow up on the t-shirt order again next week just like you did today.

When you have tasks that need doing every time something else happens, you can use automations — so you can get a task when a member accepts a request to serve, submits a form, joins a group, or even has a birthday.

What if you have an entire list of tasks that need doing every time you host a certain event, rent a room, or plan a new series?

For recurring events and projects: Introducing task list templates!

Each time you plan a wedding in the chapel, reset after a baptism service, or coordinate a new members class, you probably have the same list of tasks to complete. With templates, you can create your list once and then make a fresh copy every time you need it.

Create a new template from scratch or from an existing task list.

CleanShot 2024-02-28 at 14.11.44@2x.png

Collaborate on your template the same way you collaborate on a list, adding and assigning tasks with others on your team.

When it’s time to start on your project or event, create a new task list from your template in one click.

CleanShot 2024-02-28 at 14.14.17@2x.png

Any changes to the new list won’t affect the template, so you can add tasks specific to that instance without disrupting your workflow for next time.

Tasks on templates have relative due dates — so you can, for example, remember to collect payment on the chapel rental 5 days after the event is approved.

What about tasks that repeat on a schedule?

Maybe you need to update your Church Center homepage every month or send Services reminders every Wednesday — for that, you need repeating tasks.

We’re excited to also bring you repeating tasks! Find out more information here: New: Repeating tasks.

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